Learning To Experience God's Love

We’re Kicking Off 2019 With A BRAND-NEW COURSE!

Learn to Experience God's (Never-Ceasing, Unconditional, Ridiculously Stubborn) Love For You!

Sunday evenings at 6 p.m. for 5 weeks, beginning January 13.

You'll discover your barriers to experiencing love, what expressions of love move you, and what God's crazy no-good-reason, unearnable love is really like.

Join us as we light the candles, sing the ancient sunset hymn, welcome the evening quiet, sing, pray, celebrate the holy Eucharistic feast, and learn how to experience the never-ending, unconditional, exuberant love of God.

3173 Earhart Rd., Hermitage, TN.

January 13-February 10: Experiencing God's Love For You


When your group needs a new experience of God, or a safe place to explore their doubts and values, you need us.

School For Seekers specializes in creating spiritual sandboxes (to play with ideas) and safe spaces (to develop transparency and intimacy) for groups of 6 to 300.

School For Seekers courses can be adapted to almost any environment and audience. Through consultation with you, we develop a custom version of our signature retreats to suit your needs.

For a day, a weekend, or an extended period, we will help your people develop a rich, joy-filled daily life with God.

our core curriculum

It's not about getting into heaven. It's about living in heaven now. Unlearn the angry God, the judge-y God, the distant God. Get to know the God who wants to know you, guide you, support you.

  1. about god

Discover The Really Real God (You Always Hoped Existed)

17 Ideas You Must Have For A Joy-Filled Daily Life With God, Your Self, And Others

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2. about you

The Six Steps (And One Wall) Of The Spiritual Life

As your journey takes you toward spiritual depth and maturity, you will encounter tragedies and crises that halt your progress or send you reeling. Deaths. Losses, Disappointments. Disillusionments.  We call it Hitting The Wall Of “WTF?!"

What you do at The Wall determines whether you will continue to grow as a spiritual being, deepening your joy, peace, and belonging; or whether you retreat to your old ways of thinking, starting your journey all over again. And again.

Learn the Six Unavoidable Steps of the spiritual life, discover why you get stuck when things get hard, and how to break through The Wall that blocks your growth and sense of belovedness.

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3. About others

Why Conflict Is Inevitable And What You Can Do About It

Peace is often on our lips and rarely in our hearts. We're trained to think of peace as a lack of conflict, like when we don't tell Aunt Matilda her stew is inedible, or when we introduce our significant other as a "friend." We block trolls on social media or yell back at them and then feel bad about it, even though our feed is much more "peaceful."

Every person with free will has a sphere of influence, and eventually, your sphere of influence will run into someone else's. That's conflict. It's inevitable. What you do about it, though, is entirely up to you.

Learn about your sphere of influence, how it works, what actually happens in conflict, and steps you can take to lead a more peace-filled life.

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4. about our shared history

Reading The Bible As If It Matters

If you are emerging from the Evangelical box or seeking a different kind of relationship with God, your old views of the Bible will not help you. You need fresh eyes and new ways of understanding our shared written history as beloved children of The Really Real God.

The Bible is a record of God’s constant outreaching love for people and creation. When you read it thoughtfully and mindfully, God speaks into your current situation and experience. You gain both a cosmic view of the great mysteries, and a way of entering into the With-God life.

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courses to expand your with-god life

scars of gold square.png


Your wounds are your superpower. Like a kintsugi bowl, you become more beautiful, more valuable, as you heal. Learn how to use your hurts to help others.

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How To Be Fully Human

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