Dirty Hands Create Butterflies


We create safe spaces to unlearn damaging ideas, try on better ones, and learn the practices of a spiritually rich life that is intimately connected with God and other people.

At your place or ours, using music, art, teaching, conversation, prayer, movement…whatever's needed.

Listen To Cocktail Theology

cocktail theology podcast 

We talk about theology, angels, sex, salvation, music, and roller coasters (both physical and emotional) and anything else that matters.

You'll get to know us as we discuss life and God, with no filter. 

Over cocktails. Just like you.

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listening & coaching


Dr. Elane O'Rourke is a teacher and former pastor, specializing in making sense of things. Meet with her for Spiritual Direction and coaching.

Benton Stokes is a worship leader and songwriter, a warm and gentle companion on the journey. Meet with him for Holy Listening or songwriting.